Carnegie Hill Massage
Licensed Private Client Massage Therapy

With Neil Runyon, LMT 
On Manhattan's Upper East Side

Carnegie Hill Massage | Massage Therapy | Upper East Side | Manhattan

“As Neil applied a combination of techniques specific to my issues (including trigger point and myofacial release) he spoke about the relationships and mechanics of my muscles and connective tissue the way an astronomer might speak of constellations.”


E.M. - Manhattan

Our bodies speak to us


We carry the lives we lead in a physical manner, adapting to stressors both physical and emotional in ways that can compromise our comfort, functioning, and health, often leading to muscle imbalances and postural deviations. While such imbalances can indeed become ingrained, restrictive, and even painful, they need not be permanent.


Massage therapy is the hands-on therapeutic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body through touch, pressure, and movement. While specific techniques vary, each focuses on the muscular, fascial, and connective tissues relative to how they support and move the body.


Massage therapy at Carnegie Hill Massage not only eases muscle tension, but can lead to improved muscle balance, function, posture, and flexibility.


Healing through touch isn't merely physical however, and massage therapy is unique in its ability to enhance our emotional well-being. Massage therapy reduces stress, anxiety, and insomnia, and has been found to be a powerful tool in managing depression and stress-related disorders.




Carnegie Hill Massage | Massage Therapy | Upper East Side | Manhattan