When You Arrive

You'll arrive to a studio thoroughly disinfected with CDC approved hospital grade disinfectants as per CDC guidelines including floors, bathroom, and all touchable surfaces.


The entrance to my studio is direct, private, and touch free. Neither the entrance nor studio is shared with any other practitioners or client streams other than my own pre-screened client base. There is no waiting room or overlap of clients and the treatment room is thoroughly aired for at least 45 minutes prior to your appointment.

The air in the studio is continuously scrubbed with an FDA 510k Class II, cleared for medical use Molekule UV-C air purifier that uses photo electrochemical oxidation to capture and destroy 99.9% of bioaerosols like bacteria, viruses, and endospores. Whenever possible, we will also work with the windows open and studio exhaust fans engaged to ensure a continuous air exchange for the duration of your session.

All linens, towels, and blankets are professionally laundered in hot water with bleach and changed down to the disinfected table base and face cradle as has always been my practice.


I will greet you with hands thoroughly washed and sanitized up to the elbows and will be wearing freshly changed clothing for every session. I will be wearing a CDC approved N95 mask. You must have your mask on as well. 

As much as I'd love to greet all of you with a warm embrace or taking your hand, we'll have to refrain for the time being.

Shoes, coats, and bags will be left in the foyer when possible. The less we bring inside the better.


Your temperature and blood oxygen saturation will be taken upon arrival. If you have a fever, or your blood oxygen saturation is below 90%, or if you display any symptoms associated with COVID-19,  you will be asked to contact your physician and we'll reschedule you session without penalty. 

Once we do all that, it's time to wash your hands with hot water, lots of soap, for twenty to thirty seconds like the CDC recommends. CDC approved hand sanitizer after that for good measure.

Now you're ready to change and get on the table!