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Massage Therapy Services

My Hands Are Full!

Carnegie Hill Massage is not currently accepting new clients without a referral until January 2020.

Online booking will be unavailable until that time.


If you're a previous client or have been referred by a current client, please call, text, or email for possible appointment times. 

If you're a new client without a referral, please call, text, or email to join my waitlist. 

Schedules change, and spots do open up, so please let Neil know what you're looking for!

Important To Know

Massage therapy is not intended as a substitute for proper medical care and is not designed to diagnose or treat medical conditions.  Massage therapy cannot safely be performed when certain medical conditions exist.


If you're recieving massage for the first time, Neil will conduct a short intake and assessment and discuss any health conditions you may have.  Any information you provide is strictly confidential.