During Your Session

Massage therapy is close contact work, and the ongoing realities of COVID-19 mean we'll both be wearing masks in order to keep each other safe. There will be a necessary period of adjustment where we work through how to do this effectively and comfortably, but I'm confident these issues will recede as the work itself comes forward.

Masks make conversation difficult, so we'll be keeping that to a minimum and staying focused on our work.

Work to the face and hands will either be omitted, limited, or performed through through a fabric barrier, subject to indicated need and client preference.

Being in a prone position (face down) and in a face cradle isn't always the most comfortable position to begin with, and adding a mask to this equation may prove challenging for some clients. There are options we can explore should this be the case for you including different methods of draping the face cradle so it performs similar to a mask, or working in side lying position. We'll arrive at what works best for you. When in side lying position and supine positions however, wearing your mask is a must.

Windows will remain open commensurate with weather conditions and in studio exhaust fans will remain engaged to ensure constant flow through air circulation and removal. The Molecule HEPA/UV-C air scrubbers is in constant operation. 

Other than this, our sessions will remain largely as you remember them. Deep, therapeutic, connected, and rejuvenating.