After Your Session

First things first! Everyone wash and sanitize your hands again! 

The hot towel you traditionally receive at the end of your session, though sanitized by UV light, is not a substitute for this.


As much as I enjoy reviewing the work we just did together, let's save our follow up discussions for later and have them remotely.  

I will be checking in with you 2-3 days after your session for this purpose, but also to make sure you're experiencing none of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Should either you or I begin to exhibit any symptoms, its crucial we notify each other immediately.


I will be asking that you purchase your sessions remotely going forward via Chase QuickPay/Zelle or Venmo. I love cash, and checks bring back fond memories of my mom, but eliminating possible points of exposure is something we should do whenever possible. 


Finally, thank you for coming, for your support through all of this, and your continued commitment to our therapeutic relationship.